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Wand Cores

Augury Feather Wands with an Augury Feather Core have an incredible affinity for Divination and spells that alter and control weather. Augury Feather Core Wands bond almost instantly with their chosen owner, they seem to have a sense of when they are going to transfer to another owner and will slowly begin to decrease in effectiveness until they are transferred. Typical owners of Augury Feather Core Wands tend to be loners and highly independent.

Basilisk Skin Basilisk Skin makes an extremely powerful Core to those with the strength of will to truly Master them. Wands with a Core of Basilisk Skin are extremely temperamental and will fight their owner until they are forced to submit to their will. They can channel an incredible amount of magical energy and are among the most powerful and rare Wand Cores in the world. Basilisks are so steeped in Dark Magic that if the owner of the Wand is not of strong enough will the inclination toward the Dark Arts can actually seep from the wand into the wielder. Wands with a Core of Basilisk Skin will generally attempt to seek out wielders who will be easily swayed to their own inclinations. They are very rarely matched with people who would be said to have “High Ideals.” Basilisk Skin Core Wands are very tightly regulated by the Ministry of Magic and have become something of a status symbol as their possession proclaims the owner to be of particularly strong will.

Chimera Scale Fragment
Wands made with a Core of Chimera Scale Fragment are rare due to the difficulty involved in removing a scale from a living Chimera. However, they are extremely sought after for their affinity for defensive magic and their resilience. They are particularly desired by Aurors and others in the Law Enforcement fields. Chimera Scale Wands tend to bond with practitioners who have a strong protective streak. Despite coming from a particularly vicious monster, it is surprisingly difficult to attune a Chimera Scale Core to the Dark Arts.

Demiguise Hair
Demiguise Hair Cores are fairly common, they are able to channel an acceptable amount of magical energy and they bond strongly with their owners. Where they truly shine is when they are used in Transfiguration. They are capable of a subtlety that escapes many of the more powerful wands and are extremely sought after by Masters of Transfiguration. They will tend to bond with people who are possessed of an open mind.

Dragon Heartstring Wands with a Dragon Heartstring Core tend to be able to channel more magical energy more safely than other wand cores. This enables them to be capable of very flashy and powerful spells. Wands with a Core of Dragon Heartstring tend to learn more quickly than other wands as well. Like other wands they will change allegiance to a new owner if they are won; but they will always bond strongly to their current owner. Dragon Heartstring Core Wands are generally fairly easy to turn to the Dark Arts though they are not inherently inclined that direction. It is a temperamental Core and it can be lethal if it is combined with the wrong sorts of wood – it takes a very skilled Wand Maker to safely use Dragon Heartstring as a Core.

Erlking Fang Wands with an Erlking Fang Core are extremely dangerous to all but the most powerful of Magical Practitioners. While these cores are able to channel a larger quantity of magical power than any other wand core, they also have the unfortunate side-effect of draining extra magical energy to cast even the simplest of spells. The effect can be so bad as to cause the death of an unprepared or magically weak individual. Erlking Fang Core Wands tend to seek out the strongest individual they can find and will change allegiance at a whim when confronted with someone of greater raw power. These wands are extremely good at Combat Magic and the Dark Arts. Their draining effect and the ease with which these wands can be turned to true evil means they are strongly regulated by the Ministry for Magic.

Fairy Wings Fairy Wing Cores are a grouped name for any wand containing the wing of any fairy-like creature, such as imps, doxys, and pixies. These wands can channel a surprisingly large amount of magical energy and are able to work effectively for most any type of magic. While they do not have any specific affinity for which they are more suited than another, neither do they have any drawbacks or weaknesses that could cause trouble. Wands with a Fairy Wing Core have a tendency to seek out well rounded practitioners and those with a playful or mischievous streak.

Phoenix Feather Phoenix Feather Wand Cores are one of the rarest types of Core, due to the powerful magical nature of Phoenixes they cannot be used if they are taken by force. The Feather must be given willingly to be used in a wand. The Phoenix Feather Core shares the independence and detachment of the Phoenix that they come from; they are hard to tame, almost impossible to personalize, and their allegiance is extremely hard to win. Wands with a Phoenix Feather Core are capable of an astonishing range of magic, greater than most other wands. They also show and initiative unheard of in most wands, sometimes they have even been known to act on their own volition – a trait that is almost always disliked by their owners.

Red Cap Blood Wands made with a Core of Red Cap Blood are relatively common in the British Wizarding World. They are a powerful Core capable of channeling a large amount of Magical Energy. They have a particular affinity for Combat Magic though they tend to have problems performing truly defensive spells. They tend to seek out owners with and aggressive – and sometimes even abusive – side.

Unicorn Hair Wands with a Unicorn Hair Core tend to produce a remarkably Consistent Magic, those wands are the least susceptible to fluctuations and blockages. Unicorn Hair Core Wands are the most faithful of wands, remaining strongly attached to their original owner regardless of their skill with Magic. The purity of the Unicorn means that it is next to impossible to turn a Unicorn Hair Core Wand to the use of the Dark Arts. They are not the most powerful of wands – though this can sometimes be compensated for by the choice of wood – and if they are seriously misused the Unicorn Hair may actually turn inert and need to be replaced.

Veela Hair
Wands with a Veela Hair Core are particularly temperamental wands. They are finicky and they take a long time to bond with their owners. The Hair must come from a full-blood Veela and the fact that plucking the hair from a Veela will actually kill it, these wands are extremely rare – generally only being donated by Veela on their deathbed and ordinarily only to be used in a wand for their Kin. Veela Hair Core Wands have an extreme affinity for Charms work.

Spriggan Horn Shaving Wands with a Core of Spriggan Horn Shaving are amazing wands for Warding. There are few wand cores that are more suited for setting up defensive areas; in fact they are very good for defensive magic in general. On the other hand they have problems channeling magic into offensive or Combat Magic. Spriggan Horn Core Wands tend to gravitate toward people with a great deal of loyalty and protectiveness toward others.

Wand Woods

Acacia Acacia is said to be a very subtle wand wood, good for more delicate spells as opposed to the flashy spells. They are rumored to refuse to function properly for anyone but their true owners and are thought to withhold their true potential from all but the most powerful of wizards.

Alder Alder is a particularly unyielding wood but its ideal owner is typically the opposite – helpful, friendly, and compassionate. Alder wood is unusual in that it tends to gravitate toward people opposite, or at least different, to its own nature. Alder is one of the best suited woods to non-verbal spell casting and has developed a reputation for only being suitable for the most advanced magical practitioners.

Applewood Applewood wands are a very light oriented wand and are not made in very great quantities. They are very powerful and their idea owner is one with very high ambitions and lofty goals. On a more unusual note, Applewood wands very often find their way into the hands of people who are able to speak the native tongue of magical beasts.

Ash Ash makes a very loyal wand wood; to the extent that it should not be passed from one owner to the next – even in the case of the original owner’s death – as it will lose power and skill in the transfer. This effect will be even more severe should it have a core from a Unicorn. The ideal owner of an Ash wand will be stubborn and courageous but never brash or prideful.

Aspen For some reason, Aspen wood is uniquely suited for Charms work and combat magic. More often than not its ideal owner is, or will be, an accomplished duelist; they are also usually strong-willed and determined. Wielders of Aspen Wands are frequently drawn to crusades and revolutions.

Beech Beech is a wood for extremely wise and learned individuals – either experienced older wizards, or wise-beyond-their-years youngsters. A beech wand in the hands of a narrow-minded or bigoted individual will perform far below its potential. A properly matched Beech Wand is capable of a subtlety of magic as to be almost art.

Blackthorn A Blackthorn wand is a fighter’s wand. They are found almost in equal number among the Aurors as well as among the inhabitants of Azkaban. They are particularly well suited to Combat Magic and are renowned for their ability to channel the Dark Arts.

Cedar A Cedar Wand is going to be a good match for any who are strong of character and possessed of an unswerving loyalty. Carriers of a Cedar Wand are frequently known for their perception and discernment. Those who own a Cedar Wand are also known to be viciously frightening adversaries when they are fighting in defense of those they care about.

Cherry Cherry is a very rare wood to be used in wand, though wands made of it are often strangely powerful. It is most often found among wizards in China and Japan though it is not unheard of in other parts of the world. It channels magical energy very efficiently and can be very lethal in the hands of a trained Wizard or Witch. It should never been sold to a bearer without incredible self-restraint and strength of will; this is doubly true when the Core is Dragon Heartstring.

Chestnut Chestnut Wands most often find their way into the hands of practitioners with a deep interest in Magical Creatures, a flair for Herbology, or a gift with Flying. It is unclear what the connection to these three things is with this wood. There are very few traits associated with this wood and it tends to take on and magnify the traits of its Core.

Cypress Cypress Wands are well suited for Defensive Magic as well as Combat Magic. They are most often suited to Wizards and Witches of known valor. Owners of Cypress Wands are frequently courageous, bold, and self-sacrificing; they are unafraid to confront Darkness both in themselves and in the world around them.

Dogwood Wood of a Dogwood has a particularly devilish and mischievous nature and they most often bond with owners who are the same. They channel magic very well and are particularly well suited for Enchantment. An interesting effect of Dogwood Wands is that they are practically useless for Silent Casting, and in fact tend to make more noise than any other wand regardless of what they are being used to cast.

Ebony As its name would suggest, Ebony is a jet-black wood. It his highly suited to all forms of Combat Magic and is also particularly suited to Transfiguration. Ebony Wands bond most frequently with wielders who have the strength of character and will to be themselves and not give in to outside pressure to conform.

Elder Elder wands are the rarest of all wands – but they are not unheard of. They are very rarely purchased or used as they are thought to be deeply unlucky and are rumored to actually be cursed. Elder wands will seemingly make an effort to pass from one wielder to the next so long as the new wielder is more powerful than the old. In truth, Elder Wands are so rarely sold due to these deeply held beliefs in the problems that arise from them. They are powerful wands that tend to be attracted to owners that have a powerful Destiny. Unfortunately, that Destiny – more often than not – involves the wielder’s death.

Elm Elm Wands are powerful wands capable of advanced and powerful magic. They are known to seek out owners who are calm, magically powerful, and possessed of an inborn dignity. For a long time there was a belief that only Pure-Bloods would be able to produce magic from an Elm wand but there are many examples of Muggle-Born that wield Elm.

Fir Wands demand owners who are tough, and capable to match the resilience of the tree they come from. Owners of Fir Wands are also most often dedicated, strong-willed, and intimidating. They function very poorly for those that are indecisive or unsure of themselves. Wands of Fir are particularly well suited for use in Transfiguration.

Hawthorn Hawthorn Wands tend to be extremely complex; they are extremely well suited for Healing Magic but they are also adept for Curses and the Dark Arts. Wielders of Hawthorn Wands also tend to be very conflicted individuals, seemingly at war with themselves. One notable fact with Hawthorn Wands is that if they are handled badly their spells have a tendency to backfire spectacularly.

Hazel Hazel Wands are very sensitive wands and tend to work most successfully for wielders who understand and can manage their own feelings and emotions. These wands can absorb and be effected by the emotions of their wielder and can be unpredictable if things are going badly in its owner’s life. Hazel Wands bond very strongly to their master and will frequently cease functioning with their death. Hazel Wands also have the unique ability to detect hidden springs and wells and have been known to emit puffs of silvery smoke when they are passed over.

Holly Holly is not a common Wand Wood. It is traditionally considered a protective wand and will most often find a wielder who needs help overcoming their emotions. It is also not uncommon for Holly Wands to find their way into the hands of owners that are engaged in some sort of dangerous quest or undertaking. Holly is a very volatile wood and its traits will vary greatly depending on its Core.

Hornbeam Hornbeam wands are the wands of Visionaries. They chose wielders with a dedicated sense of purpose and a driving passion that they focus their efforts and energy on. Hornbeam Wands are the quickest wand to adapt themselves to their owner’s magic and can become so personalized as to be all but useless to anyone else who tries to take them. Also Hornbeams have the unique ability to absorb their owner’s code of conduct and will not be useable for anything – good or bad – that would be against that code.

Larch Larch in a Wand has a reputation for instilling bravery and surety in the wielder. This reputation alone has worked to make Larch Wands one of the most sought after types of Wand in existence. Larch Wands often have many hidden facets and talents and can cause unexpected events – this is often true, as well, for the Wizards and Witches who end up wielding them.

Laurel Laurel Wands are often said to be the Purest of Wands and are believed to be unable to commit a dishonorable act. This does not prevent them from being used to cause death by their wielder but it is never wanton or capricious death. Sometimes Laurel Wands are also said to be fickle but that is because they will not tolerate laziness in their wielder and will attempt to find their way into other hands.

Mahogany Mahogany Wands tend to be more powerful than other wands though not necessarily as good at fine or subtle workings. They will generally find their way into the hands of a wielder that is stalwart and true, and driven by noble ideals. They are particularly well suited to Transfiguration.

Maple Maple Wands often choose to cleave to Travelers and Explorers. They are particularly ambitious wands and they prefer to be on the move; otherwise their magic can stagnate. Maple Wands have the unique property that when they are moved about a lot and face fresh challenges frequently they literally can shine; they burnish themselves to be bright and almost shining. Maple Wands are something of a Status Symbol as well due to the overwhelming numbers of people who have wielded them that did amazing things.

Oak Oak Wands are powerful and loyal wands. Wielders of Oak Wands tend to be strong, brave, and equally loyal. It also seems to be true, though it is not as widely known that wielders of Oak Wands tend to have powerful intuition and a deep affinity to Magic. Abrecan of Mercia wielded and Oak Wand and it is rumored that Merlin himself did as well.

Pearwood Pearwood Wands are at their best in the hands of, and tend to seek out, practitioners who are gentle, kind, and wise. Wielders of Pearwood Wands are generally beloved and very well respected. They are practically useless in the use of the Dark Arts and are particularly well suited for Healing Magic.

Pine Pine Wands enjoy being used creatively and will adapt easily and quickly to new techniques. Wielders of Pine Wands tend to be individualists, and sometimes even loners. It is theorized that Pine Wands are able to detect and work best for wielders who are going to live for a long time. They are very well suited to Silent Casting.

Poplar Poplar Wands are very consistent and resilient. Wielders of Poplar Wands tend to also be very consistent – sometimes even stubborn. You will also find among them a clarity of vision and morality that is sometimes lacking in many people. Poplar Wands have a habit of finding their way into the hands of great leaders and renowned judges.

Redwood Redwood Wands are in high demand; they have a reputation for bringing good luck to the wielder. In truth, Redwood Wands have a tendency to find themselves drawn to lucky individuals. It is a combination that occurs far too often for it to be simple happenstance. Redwood Wands are particularly well suited to Charms work.

Rowan wands are extremely good at defense. They frequently find their way into the hands of wielders that are moral, clear-headed, and strongly devoted to the Light. Rowan Wands are unique in their extreme affinity for Combat Magic but their complete inability to channel the Dark Arts.

Silver Lime Silver Lime Wands are extremely rare and sought after. They have a reputation for performing best for True Seers and those skilled in Legilimency. Wielders of Silver Lime Wands also tend to be people of vision and powerful will. Silver Lime Wands are particularly well suited for any magic involving the mind or Divination.

Spruce Spruce is an extremely difficult wood to work with in making wands; it requires a level of skill and magical dexterity that eludes most wandmakers. Spruce Wands require their wielder to have a firm hand and a strong will as it often seems that the wand has its own idea of what the spells it casts should do. Most wielders of Spruce Wands have a brilliant sense of humor and are generally extremely flamboyant and mischievous.

Sycamore Sycamore Wands make excellent Questing Wands. They yearn for new experience, and will lose their edge if they are used for mundane activities. One of the primary problems with Sycamore Wands is that they have been known to suddenly burst into flame and immolate when they become “bored.” The ideal wielder of a Sycamore Wand is inquisitive, vital, and adventurous.

Vine Vinewood Wands are very rare wands. Wielders of Vinewood Wands are almost always Witches and Wizards to strive to make things better in the world around them. These wielders often have unexpected depths to them and the Vinewood Wands are incredible at finding their own matches. Sometimes these wands are able to discern their true owner before their owner even touches them and have been known to show their connection when the wielder merely enters the room.

Walnut Walnut Wands are possessed of an unusual versatility and are extremely adaptable. The ideal wielder of a Walnut Wand will be intelligent and will usually turn out to be inventors or innovators. A dangerous aspect of the Walnut Wand is that once they are fully claimed by their owner they will perform at the height of their power regardless of what their wielder is attempting to accomplish. This makes a Walnut Wand a truly vicious weapon in the hands of an amoral but brilliant practitioner.

Willow Willow Wands are relatively uncommon due to the great skill required to craft them adequately. They are particularly well suited for Healing Magic and are incredible at augmented Silent Casting. Willow Wands are most often attracted to wielders with a degree of insecurity – warranted or not – but a great deal of potential; they will eschew potential wielders who feel they know everything they need to know.

Yew Yew Wands are extremely rare in the Wizarding World. There are a great many rumors that Yew Wands are able to impart a power over life and death to their wielder. Yew Wands have a fearsome and earned reputation due to their affinity for Combat Magic and the Dark Arts. This is not to say that they are an evil wand and they are just as often found in the hands of great heroes as they are in the hands of notorious villains – however, it is all but unheard of to hear about them in the hands of a Law Clerk.
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