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 Classroom Rules

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Leon Christopher Orick

Leon Christopher Orick

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Classroom Rules Empty
PostSubject: Classroom Rules   Classroom Rules Empty8/27/2012, 8:17 pm

Hello there, welcome to Transfiguration. Here you will be studying the basics of transforming an object into another object whether it is rearranging the molecule structure or just making it look like a different object to the audience. During of which, students will have the opportunity to have hands-on training and learning experiences to expand the growing mind and have fun with it as well. I teach my students to the fullest and promise to have a well grounded yet fun learning experience. All I ask for you as students, is to follow the rules listed below. Thank you and let's have a wonderful year!

Classroom Rules:

Rule One- Do not fool around during the lesson plans.

Rule Two- Show respect to other students including the professor.

Rule Three- There will be NO foul play with the use of Magic in the classroom at all times. Any students who wish to disobey this rule will be reported to the Headmistress.

Rule Four- Each student shall answer the Daily Question that is presented every morning as part of their lesson.

Rule Five- Please do NOT use any of the lesson plans on other students in or out of the classroom for useless using such as revenge or a practical joke. This rule goes with Rule Three. I am not responsible for any misuse of Transfiguration of Magic for it was the student's fault for not reading the rules.

Rule Six- For only I can display the Transfiguration during each lesson UNTIL a student shows great responsibility. Then and ONLY then will I let a student teach the class for a short lesson.

Rule Seven- Just have fun!
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Classroom Rules
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