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 Jobs Available / Teacher Registration

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Headmistress Grey
Headmistress Grey

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PostSubject: Jobs Available / Teacher Registration   8/26/2012, 2:09 am

Jobs Open

List of Jobs

Broom Maker
Curse Breaker
Dish washer (Leaky Cauldron)
Dragon Keeper
Elemental Magic Specialist
Food Service
Knight Bus
Ministry Jobs
Muggle relations
Potions Master
Training security Trolls
Shop Keeper
St. Mungos Worker (Specialty)

Teacher Registration

Basic Character Profile

Example of a Lesson plan and Homework
*Make your lesson plan from your Character’s Personality

Important for Teachers to know:
*If doing a due date for an assignment, the due date must be a month away
*Attendance: 10 points
*HW: 5-10 points


Drake Black

Ukrainian Ironbelly

Rating: XXXXX

The Ukrainian Ironbelly is native to the Ukraine, but if you didn’t realize that from the name then get out of my class immediately. It has metallic grey sales, lengthy talons, and vivid red eyes. The Ironbelly is the largest known dragon breed, weight up to six tons.

They can live near the borders of Romania and Hungary. A known [possible] habitat they reside in is the Northern Carpathians mountain range. This species likes to hunt near water, usually the Black sea. For a dragon of such a size as the Ironbelly is, it would normally be hard to keep it a secret from Muggles. However, since the Ironbelly lives in mountain areas [generally uninhabited from muggles] the existence of the magnificent creature is hardly a task to be dealt with.

HW: Worth 10 points

1. What are other known locations of Ironbelly?
2. Describe the Ironbelly’s look.
3. What is an interesting fact about the Ukrainian Ironbelly?
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Jobs Available / Teacher Registration
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