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Headmistress Grey
Headmistress Grey

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PostSubject: Admissions   6/21/2012, 11:06 am

Post your character profile Below and you will be Private Messaged when it has been approved.


Saraphina Grey

Photo here (max size 400x400)

Full Name: Saraphina Grey
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: English
Spoken Languages: English
Place of Birth: Berlin Germany
Age/Date of Birth: July 1


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde and wavy
Height: 5’7”

Look Description: A normal size woman who has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Usually wears muggle clothes.


Character Description: A detailed description of your character's personality such as emotions, views, attitude, traits and behaviour. Try to write at least a short paragraph.

Strengths: Justful

Weaknesses: Childish, nosey, meddlesome, Impatient, fickle
Likes: People, friends, animals.

Dislikes: Ministry of magic,Aurors etc.


Wand:African Black wood 11” unicorn hair core.

Strength: Dark Magic
Weakness: Charms

Job History
Former Jobs: None
Current Jobs: Headmistress
Job Qualifications:None

Family and History

Family: Faith Beck (Deceased) George Grey (Deceased)

Pet: Great Horned Owl
Saraphina was born in Berlin Germany while her parents were traveling the world the muggle way. She was then (at age 1) sent to live with her aunt where she met Vincent Cole who her aunt adopted when his parent’s died. Over the years Vincent and Saraphina became close friends.
Saraphina was sent to a muggle elementary school while Vincent was sent to a Wizarding boarding school until he was sent to Durmstrang. Saraphina went to a muggle school up until age 11 where she was accepted into Crypted Haven School of Witches and Wizards. Saraphina was sorted into the Terra house but spent most of her time studying. While at Crypted Haven the old headmistress took Saraphina under her wing since Saraphina’s mother was a close friend to the woman.
After graduation Saraphina went to visit her parents before the old headmistress offered her the position of Headmistress at Crypted Haven. The only catch was that Saraphina had to completely re-hire all the staff because the school sat empty for a few years. Saraphina accepted the challenge and then sent letters and advertisements out to everyone she could think of to refill the soon to be empty positions.
After a while Saraphina’s letters were answered and she was able to fill the positions. Saraphina has often been harassed by the ministry for being such a young and “inexperienced” Headmistress. Many times Saraphina has had to shoo off Aurors of the Ministry who were sent to “check up” on her and her progress with the school. At first the lack of faith ruffled Saraphina’s feathers but as the years passed she learned to just ignore them…or mess with them back. Usually the second option.

Nickname: Kirstin
Age: 18
Character Face claim: Julieanne Hough

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Vincent Cole

Vincent Cole

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PostSubject: Vincent Cole*APPROVED*   6/21/2012, 11:28 am


Name: Vincent Cole
Nationality: English
Spoken Languages: English, Russian
Place of Birth: London, England
Age/Date of Birth: 32/ Feb. 11
Shop Keeper (Dark Wands in Knockturn Alley)


Eyes: Green
Hair: Black or Brown
Height: 6’0”
General Appearance:
Face Claim: Tom Wellington

General Character Traits: quiet, calm, obsevent
Habits/Mannerisms: people watches,

Vincent Cole was born in London England. Where he lived with his parents and was taught magic while
Vincent was growing up. Most of the magic his parents taught him were the Dark Arts. They believed that all magic should be treated equally and that it was only an individual that made magic good or bad. Because of such Magic, the Ministry had invaded his home and killed his parents. Gloria, a close friend to his family,adopted him into her own.
A few months later a girl named Saraphina was sent to live with his adoptive mother. He grew close to
the young girl. Constantly they were together..until he was sent to a dark arts academy. While there he was able to work with the Dark Arts. The lessons on DA felt easy to him, probably because that was the magic he was brought up with and it felt as if it just rushed through his blood.


wand: African Black Wood , 13” Veela hair
Pets: Raven
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Fia Jameston

Fia Jameston

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PostSubject: Fia Jameston*APPROVED*   6/21/2012, 11:32 pm

Fia Jameston

Name: Fia Jameston
Heritage/Blood: Muggle born
Nationality: American
Spoken Languages: English
Place of Birth: New York City
Age/Date of Birth: Januarry 4th
Occupation: Muggle Studdies and Creative writing teacher


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown/black
Height: 5”6
General Appearance: long brown hair
Face Claim: Nina Dobrev

General Character Traits: Neat and Tighty

Fia was born to Avalan and David Jameston she had an older brother and a younger sister.
Raised in Oregon Fianna attended Crypted Haven and graduated before the school closed down, after that she ran a few shops in the muggle world before she was contacted by Saraphina to be a teacher at Crypted Haven.


wand: Oak 11” Dragon heartstring
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PostSubject: Death *APPROVED*   6/28/2012, 6:26 pm


Full Name: Death Royal, fifth prince of the holy royal empire.
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Nationality: Holy Royal Empire. (exists in north and south America, Europe, Australia and throughput most of Asia and the northern part of Africa.
Place of Birth: Normandy, Holy Royal Empire. (somewhere in present day Fance)
Date of Birth: December 21st 3666.
Age: about 25
Spoken Languages: English, French, and the language of the mer-folk


Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: medium short length and black. Light facial hair of a slight beard and mustache.
Height: 6’8”

Look Description: Pale completion. Slight but well defined muscle builds. He has an air of mystery. Visibly elegant. He has a full back tattoo of a grim reaper and a death syth with a ring of ravens encircling them.


Character Description: Death was always a happy and cheerful boy with a sense of humor. As he grew older, his humor darkened but he was still cheerful. As a prince he learned to deal with all sorts of people and responsibility’s, but as the fifth prince, he never held the burden of the crown. He was a prodigy and so has spent most of his time practicing magic. Because of his affiliation with time magic, he often was taught years of material in an hours’ time, and spent years of warped time mastering other magic’s. He is wise beyond his years but can still be rather childish at times. The long periods of time he spent in warped time, strained him and so he can be mentally off at times.

Strengths: music, stealth, anything scientific, giving advice, Teaching, world history (magical and mugle)

Weaknesses: anything faith biased, religion, Romance, girls crying,

Likes: Apples, Singing and playing Guitar, books, horseback riding, experimenting with new magics

Dislikes: quitters, laziness, people taking advantage of someone else cruelly, Chaos.


Wand: Elder. Thestral hair. 15 and ¼ inches. Death created this wand himself when he was 15 years old. Later he plans to go back further in time and give his wand to the eldest of the three brothers (Antioch Peverell) and his Elder wand will become The Elder wand of legend.

Strength: time magic, all elemental magic, Dark Arts, Duel Magic, Wand less magic, Wordless Magic, Potions.
Weakness: Divination, transfiguration, ancient ruins, charms.

Job History
Former Jobs:
Current Jobs: Professor at Crypted Haven.
Job Qualifications:only time master in the world. Only wizard of elemental magic knolage in the current century. Has made his own wand. And he owes the headmistress a favor for keeping him out of prison.

Family and History

Mother: Empress Peace (age 65)
Father: Emperor Hope (age 73)
Siblings: Agony (crown prince, age 34), Misery (crown Princess age 31), Woe (second prince age 29) Pain and Suffering (Twins. Third and fourth prince, age 27), and his baby sister; Annoyance (second princess, age 15).

Pet: a Raven named Sméagol. The wild bird saved his life when he was 17. Death had been caught off guard and attacked by a dragon. Sméagol came to the rescue by distracting the dragon momentarily so death could get on his feet. In the proses, the bird lost his left eye and broke a wing. Afterwards to show his gratitude, Death enchanted a ruby to substitute for the lost eye and healed the bird’s wing. Ever since then, the bird has never been far away and as a side effect of the enchanted ruby, the raven has special magical properties that include: every time death messes with time, the Raven is taken with him. And Sméagol can’t die. The Raven is as immortal as the gods… as far as anyone know.

Nickname: Reaper
Age: 18
Character Face claim: Ashton Kutcher

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Ali Alcove

Ali Alcove

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PostSubject: Ali Alcove*APPROVED*   7/15/2012, 7:27 pm

Name: Alia Alcove
Spoken Languages: Russian, English
Place of Birth: Chekhov Russia
Age/Date of Birth: 30/ Oct. 5
Occupation: Charms/Magical Theory Teacher


Eyes: Grey
Hair: Red
Height: 5’4”
General Appearance: Never in her Professor Robes, dislikes them.
Face Claim: Tessa Violet


General Character Traits:
Quick with her tongue; Sarcastic towards many, Outspoken [thanks to overcoming her shyness when younger]; likes to pull pranks on her Terra HoH coworker; will even help out her Ignis students should she feel the desire to…on the condition that they don’t tell anyone on her and in return their detention will be lighter. Why would they still have detention? Because to Ali, they were stupid enough to get caught.
Ability: Animagus (fox)

She puts everything in alphabetical order, when reading if she sees a grammatical error she
must fix it.

Ali's mother grew up in London. In her last year of college, she did an exchange program that sent her to Chekhov Russia. There she met Aleksander (Aliana's father) and they got married within a year of meeting. Aliana was born two years after her parent's marriage in Chekhov. She was suppose to be a twin (another female baby) but it was stillborn. Ali moved to moved to Bristol, England when she was eight and then two years later to Sacramento, CA. She didn't really like Bristol or Sacramento and preferred Russia a lot more. Since she moved to to the US, every December she would ask her father if they could spend Christmas in Russia.

Ali knew from an early age that her dad was a wizard but her mother was not. However she was a lot more fascinated with her mother's lifestyle than her father's. Alia disliked segregation, and from her grandfather's tales of the second Great Wizarding War, that was all the wizarding world seemed like. The muggle world was like that too, but it wasn't as prominent.

Ali got sorted into Ignis when she went to Crypted Havens. In her school years [first year to be precise] she came into correspondence with an old childhood friend. Having a huge falling out with said friend, Alia was not pleased that he contacted her. Though despite her displeasure of talking to him, their correspondence didn‘t end even after Ali graduated from Crypted Havens. Dresden, her correspondence, was 4 years older than her , so when he graduated in Ali‘s 3rd year, it surprised her that he still managed to keep in touch with her through her remaining years. Their relationship mended slightly, though if anyone who knew her past relationship asked her about it, she would swear up and down that she still despised him with a passion.

Upon her graduation of Cryoted, Ali when into the field of Curse Breaking, where she had spent 3 years, under a master before departing on her own. Ironically enough, she departed to London England. She had quickly climbed the ranks, becoming a highly skilled and requested Curse Breaker. Ali had loved her time as a Curse Breaker, however, Alia had retired after 9 years of working in the field due to her mother’s illness and returned to CA. With her father working to provide money for medical expenses, he needed Alia to help it out with her mother’s health. Being close to the family, she accepted. She took a job at Crypted Havens who was hiring for Charms at the time. Excelling at it in her Crypted Havens years she figured she would be able to handle it, especially since she was could just floo to her mother’s home whenever necessary and that it would bring in extra money.

However, she made an agreement with the Gringotts Goblins that should they ever need her skills, she would take some time off of her teaching job to handle the case. She loved Curse Breaking far too much to give it up entirely. But 5 months into Alia’s staying with her parents, her mother’s illness grew worse and she [her mother] was forced to go into the nearest muggle hospital.

6th months into her job as a Charm’s Professor, Magical Theory opened up to the previous professor dying of natural causes. Aliana applied for it; her father was having a hard time paying for the house bills and her mother’s medical expenses despite her giving him a decent portion of her teaching paycheck; thankfully she was accepted as the new Magical Theory Professor. When the year mark hit, Muggle Studies position opened up. And although Alia loves the muggle side of her heritage, she dislikes the class and the
idea of teaching Muggle Studies.


wand:9 3/4 ivy with unicorn hair core, firm
PetsElf Owl named Aleksy

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Drake Black

Drake Black

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PostSubject: Drake Black *APPROVED*   7/15/2012, 9:27 pm

Name: Drake Black
Spoken Languages:English, Romanian
Place of Birth:London, England
Age/Date of Birth: 32/ June 14
Occupation: CoMC/Dragonlore Professor at Crypted Havens


Height: 6‘0“
General Appearance: Likes to wear his leather Jacket
Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder


General Character Traits:
Snarky and sarcastic. Outdoors type; flirtatious; easy going
Prefers the outdoors, hates classrooms and refuses to be in one for longer than necessary. When angry he will grip the cuffs of his jackets, but only those who know him well will pick up on it.

Drake was a Terra, unsurprising due to his family Heritage, though for the longest time he was not proud of it. Terra still had a bad reputation and he was not a bad guy [or so he likes the women to believe]. He graduated Crypted Havens at the top of his class. But despite his excellent grades he still managed to find the time to party.

Once out of Crypted Havens, Drake set out for Romania, the country with the largest Dragon reservation in the world, to learn the art of Dragon Keeping. He quickly climbed the ranks and soon was entrusted with the Hatchery. The Hatchery was a very exclusive group of Dragon
Keepers that were allowed to watch over the eggs. It might not sound like much, but if something preventable happened on the Keeper‘s watch, the person as immediately fired. To consider this job, a person had to commit themselves to it entirely. Body,, heart, and soul to it.

Drake was one of the few people that lasted as a Keeper for more than 10 years. It wasn‘t that the job grew boring, it was just that after dealing with Dragon‘s for so long, one needed a break and let his (or her) body heal. After 14 years of unfaltering dedication, Drake finally decided to retire to a more, family accommodating profession…despite his lack of a family. With that in mind, he bid a farewell to The Romanian Reserve and headed back to his place of birth.

Finding a job was rather difficult for him in the first few months. But while on a weekly visit to the pub he heard about how Crypted Havens needed a new Professor. He didn‘t hear for what class but decided to give it a shot anyway. While applying for the job he met the blonde Headmistress, who told him that it was for CoMC. Explaining his background in Dragon Keeping and why he retired, Saraphina Grey [The Headmistress at the time, who was apparently new] had no quarrels with hiring the ex-Dragon Keeper.

Being a former Terra house member the Headmistress deemed fit that he should also be the Terra Head of House (HoH), this happened to be an empty position. Drake accepted figuring it would be at least a little entertaining. He was right, but where he received his entertainment was not. The one who seemed to cause the most amusement was none other than a fellow Teacher, who happened to be the Ignis HoH , Alia Alcove. He had recognized her during his school years, though she was two years below him then.

And very similarly to the Ignis nature sheenjoyed the pranking lifestyle. At first Drake was
kind of surprised that a teacher would act in such a way; until he finally had enough of her pranking and pulled one on her. Her reaction was….surprising to say the least. Instead of the fuming Ignis he expected, she just laughed and said now we have a war going on.

Currently Drake and Alia have Prank war going on between the houses, though they are careful enough to keep it semi-hidden from the Headmistress. Should a student pull a severe prank or get caught, both HoH’s will punish him/her.


wand:11” fig with dragon core heartstring
PetsSpotted Owl named Cătălina.
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Leon Christopher Orick

Leon Christopher Orick

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PostSubject: Professor Leon Christopher Orick *APPROVED*   8/22/2012, 4:57 pm

Full Name: Professor Leon Christopher Orick

Blood Status: Halfblood Wizard

Nationality: Irish
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

Date of Birth: March 12, 1979

Age: 32
Spoken Languages: Gaelic Irish

Appearance: Classy

Eyes: Deep green with spurts of brown.
Hair: Black, longn-ish style, has bangs that slightly sweep over his forehead/eyes.

Height: 6 foot

Look Description: Thin, some muscle structure. Long-ish black hair, dresses accordingly with
Class. Fair skin tone/ slightly pale.

Personality: Fun, high spirited guy. Can be serious when needed to be though.

Character Description: Kind hearted, protective when needed to be, looks out for his students. Has a great sense of humor and witty. Can think of quick solutions.

Strengths: Teaching his students with every element needed, casting spells on quick notice, figure out situations in a small amount of time, quick thinker.

Weaknesses: OCD issues, he wants to avenge his father's wrongful death.

Likes: Helping out his students, reading, and writing.

Dislikes: Disorginazation, cheaters, and foul play usuin magic. Minisrty of Magic.

Magic: All Magic

Wand: Elder wood 11", phoenix feather
Strength: Defense against the Dark Arts, mythalogical creature caregiver, potion creation.
Weakness: Your character's weak area of magic. A character must have at least one weak area. Help can be found here.

Job History: Bartender
Former Jobs: Bartender
Current Jobs: Professor
Job Qualifications: Professor
Family and History: Mother died from illness and father died from foul play of Dark Arts Wizzard.

Family: Parents are dead

Pet:One cat, a horned Owl along with a snow Owl, and a miniaturized iron Belly Dragon.

Background:Leon Orick grew up most of his life in Dublin, Ireland where he lived with his parents until his mother passed away from an illness. In his younger years of childhood, his mother would teach him the ways of being a Wizard and taught him spells and tricks as well as improving his learning ability by being observant and a quick thinker. His father on the other hand, preferred that Leon should grow up in a normal life style and avoid the magic at all costs. A week after his mother’s death, Leon moved to London to start a new life, not really practicing with his magic until one day he receives a letter about Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Not wanting to let down his mother, he perused the job of becoming a professor there. Later at the age of Twenty-six he heard the news of his father’s death and learned that he was killed by a Dark Arts Wizard.

At the school, Orick teaches Herbology, showing and telling students the different types of dangerous plants and minerals to avoid and whatnot. He teaches his students with great detail on the types of plants, what might be used to make spells/potions and healing uses. Most times he uses hands on teaching so the students can see the cause and effects of some potions and herbs. He also teaches about Transfiguration. In this class he also uses hands on training with the students. He teaches them the spells needed in order to fulfill this task. With humor the students can feel comfortable to learn.

With his witty charm he can get through most situations. His clever mind and heart of gold helps him face the darkest of times. Learning from both his loving mother and father he uses their methods to help him throughout life and to help his fellow students see that no matter what, there is always hope. Even though his character is pure, he does have some faults. With the wrongful death of his father, he wishes to avenge him by killing the man who took his life away even though his mother taught him life is a precious gift as well as forgiveness. He has a bit of a small case of OCD and paranoia when it comes to being alone in complete darkness for long periods of time.

Nickname: Leo
Age: 20
Character Face claim: Joseph Gordon-Levitt,

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Bethany McKeen

Bethany McKeen

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PostSubject: Bethany Anne Mckeen *APPROVED*   8/25/2012, 10:01 pm

Bethany Anne McKeen

Full Name: Bethany (Beth) Anne Mckeen
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Nationality: USA.
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, NV
Date of Birth: January 16, 2001
Age: 11
Spoken Languages: English


Eyes: Bright blue and intelligent
Hair: medium/ dark brown long
Height: 4'9"

Look Description: Fair clear skin free of any blemishes. skinny and petite.


Character Description: Beth is book smart and curious. she is cheerful and tries to keep others happy. she tries her best at everything. she smiles easily. she is sweet and helpful. she can be perceptive.

Strengths: She is book smart and has a large vocabulary. she can read others emotions well, and usually knows exactly what to say. she is confidant in herself and looks to try to see the best in others.

Weaknesses: she gets scared easily, she doesn't like being alone, she gets sick easily and is prone to injury. she can also have a difficult time making friends her own age.

Likes: Any food that is blue, Reading, rain storms, curling up by the fire

Dislikes: running, airplanes (flying), roller coasters, milk, all insects except butterflies.


Wand: Mahogany. Unicorn Hair. 10 inches.

Strength: Transfiguration and charms, potions, (pretty much anything you can learn from a book)
Weakness: DADA, Care of magical Creatures, Flying
Family and History

Family: her father's Name is Doug McKeen he works as a banquet decorator in the Wynn Hotel. Her Mother, Amy Thompson, died shortly after Beth's birth. Amy was from a wealthy family in Connecticut, and her substantial trust fund was left to Beth at her death. Amy and Doug were never married.

Pet: No Pet....Yet. she really wants a cat though.

Background: Beth grew up in the North east aria of Las Vegas. she lived in a small house with her father. he would occasionally have girlfriends, but Beth was always his number one girl. Because Doug is such a practical man, he had a hard time believing the letter of acceptance to Crypted Haven. But after Beth begged and begged, he finally made an appointment to speak with the headmistress and let her enroll in the school. though he is still not convinced of the whole magic stuff.

Nickname: Beth
Age: 15.
Character Face claim: Abigail Breslin.
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Serie Shadow Nightingale

Serie Shadow Nightingale

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PostSubject: *APPROVED*   8/26/2012, 1:57 am

Full Name: Professor Serie Shadow Nightingale

Blood Status: Pure blood Wizard

Nationality: Irish
Place of Birth: Limerick, Ireland

Date of Birth: February 16, 1985

Age: 27
Spoken Languages: Merfolk

Appearance: professional and somewhat silly

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long black hair that reaches to the bottom of her back

Height: 5'8"

Look Description: Thin, long black hair (to her waist) with straight bangs, porcelain complexion (pale), for work she dresses accordingly but at home or on nondressy days she wears her favorite pairs of brown and black knee high flat bottom boots around.

Personality: Kind- hearted, cares for all creatures, great sense of humor. Can be flirty if desired, fun to be around with. Forgetful on most parts but can act professional about it. Can also be cunning when needed to be. Adventurous.

Character Description: Tending to her students if they need help, art, wandering around the woods aimlessly. Dancing around in the rain.

Strengths: Great teaching abilities, caring for others as well as always putting her students before herself. Casting powerful spells and making people laugh.

Weaknesses: OCD issues along with a forgetful memory.

Likes: Helping out her students and going on random hikes in the woods.

Dislikes: Minisrty of Magic, people taking advantage of the use of magic.

Magic: Attack spells and healing spells.

Wand: Vine wood, unicorn hair 11"

Strength: Potion creation, quick attack spells.
Weakness: Your character's weak area of magic. A character must have at least one weak area. Help can be found here.

Job History: Tutor
Former Jobs: None other
Current Jobs: Professor
Job Qualifications: Professor
Family and History: Parents died from Warlock attack, older brother missing.

Family: Parents are dead brother missing from random attack.

Pet: Raccoon, Morning Dove, and a Phoenix.

Background: Serie Nightingale grew up in a small cottage in Limerick, Ireland with her parents and older brother, Clerance. Magic was always an easy element to learn ever since she was five. Each day her family would always practice together to help her and her brother improve later in life. But one terrible night a couple of Warlocks invaded their home, due to a misunderstanding about her father, and killed both of her parents. Serie and her brother were lucky to have escaped. With the money that their parents saved for them for college and whatnot, they moved to London in hopes for a new life. At age fifteen she was sent a letter from Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. She remained as a student there as her brother stayed home and worked. On the second summer vacation at the school, Serie was on her way home when she heard the news that her home was attacked and her brother was kidnapped. Fearful for his life along with hers, she was forced to live at the school where she grew up to become a professor there.

At the school she learned to love the sport Quidditch and everything about it so with that, she teaches the students about the history of the physical sport along with the safety tips for it as well. Every now and then she will get on field with her students and show them what goal to aim for and the object of the game along with the props. Few times she’ll play with the students so they can get that hands on experience. The second class that she teaches is Mythology where she shows/tells the stories of some of the greatest creatures in all of history along with the most feared ones. She wants her students to understand that most of the creatures are usually misunderstood from different people’s experience and that some, shouldn’t be feared. With the Merfolk language in her blood, she takes her classes down to Merfolk lake and demonstrates her natural talent and shows the students that they are not always so harmful to people.

With her light spirit for her love of creatures, she frequently brings the students down to the woods so they can meet some of the woodland creatures such as centaurs, Trolls, Unicorns, and even Thestrals. Even with her brother missing she still tries her hardest to not show her troubles around her students and act professionally as possible especially with her new interest, professor Orick. She too has OCD and a forgetful memory. She plans most of her free time looking at places where her brother might be.

Nickname: Serie
Age: 20
Character Face claim: Zooey deschanel
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Aurelia Fahy

Aurelia Fahy

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PostSubject: APPROVED   8/28/2012, 2:59 am

Aurelia Fahy

Full Name: Aurelia Johnson Fahy (or more commonly known as Grandmother Fahy)
Blood Status: Mixed-blood
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Date of Birth: Nov. 1, 1906
Age: 106
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese


Eyes: Greyish blue. twinkly.
Hair: Short Blonde
Height: 5'5"
Look Description: She acts like everyone's Grandmother. she has a warm and friendly demeanor.


Character Description: she's warm and friendly. she likes to help people with there problems and believes that milk and cookies (as well a a flick of a magic wand) can fix any problem.

Likes: Sweets, Story telling, a good joke, making others laugh, Quwerky people, Halloween.

Dislikes: sour foods, hot sauce, cowards, leprechauns.


Wand: Silver Lime. Fairy Wing. 11".

Strength: Divination, Transfiguration, Charms, Care of magical Creatures, ect.
Weakness: Potions, Dark Arts, Arithmethcy,

Job History
Former Jobs: Teacher
Current Jobs: Divination Teacher
Job Qualifications: she was born a Seer and has always been quite skilled with her gift. she was known as one of the great Seers of the 20th Century.

Family and History

Family: Husband: Phillip Steven Fahy (dececed) Son: Spencer Roy Fahy GrandDaughter: Danielle Fahy Fado Great-Granddaughter: Beatrice (Tris) Fado

Pet: none

Background: She Went to school at Crypted Haven near the end of the first world war. she predicted the entire end of the war in her 1st year. and in her 7th year she predicted WW2. She met her husband on her first at the school. but the didn't start dating till shortly after they graduated. her went on to become a Ministry official, and they moved to England. she stayed home to be a mom. When their son, Spencer Graduated from Hogwarts, She decided she wanted to keep influencing the lives of children. she and her husband return to America and she took up teaching Divination at Crypted Haven.

In 1989, she retired from teaching. she and her husband lived in a cottage in the mountains of Colorado till his death in 1998. Aurelia then moved to La Joya, California where she lived till the Headmistress called her back to teach Divination to help reopen the school.

Her Son, grandson, and great-granddaughter, still live in England and she visits them regularly.


Nickname: Rori
Age: 18
Character Face claim: Betty White

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Dryke Britefyre

Dryke Britefyre

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PostSubject: APPROVED   8/30/2012, 5:14 am

Drakye Britefyre

Full Name: Drakye Britefyre
Blood Status: Mixed-species (Dragon)
Nationality: Hungarian/ Japanese
Place of Birth: Eger, Hungary
Date of Birth: Feb 29, 1936
Age: 76
Spoken Languages: Hungarian, Russian, English, Dragonese


Eyes: Yellowy Gold. Almond Shaped.
Hair: Medium/Short. Wild and untamed. Orange Red.
Height: 7'8"
Look Description: Skinny and lanky. has an awkward aperance like a teenage boy. he is strong with a sour demeanor. He hunches over most of the times to appear shorter.


Character Description: He is a serious bloke who cracks a smile rarely. He doesn't like pranks or hooligans. In short, he's serious and slightly sour.

Likes: Stag, and thing gamy in tast. Animals, long walks in the forest.

Dislikes: People, Desserts


Wand: Blackthorn. Dragon Heartstring. 13".

Strength: Defense against the dark arts, Transfiguration, Care of magical creatures
Weakness: Divination, Warding magic, fine, intricate spells

Current Jobs: Professor at Crypted Haven

Family and History

Family: Sister: Gwen Britefyre

Pet: none

Background: Gwen and Drakye were raised by dragons for 20 years before they were discovered. After adapting to human society, the twins went through a series of jobs before the headmistress offered them teaching positions at Crypted Haven.
Drakye is a time bomb waiting to go off. He is built like the hulk and will do anything for his sister, even teach at Crypted Haven when he hates humans. Especially less than the brightest humans. (He can tolerate geniuses). He enjoys fighting (armed and unarmed) and before he came to Crypted Haven the only person who could sometimes beat him in a fight was his sister. He tends to be sarcastic and harsh but he doesn't lie.

Character Face claim: Lee Taemin
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Karisa Mathais

Karisa Mathais

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PostSubject: APPROVED   9/2/2012, 8:42 pm

Full Name: Karisa Emi Mathais
Blood Status: Half Blood
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Birth: New York City, New York USA
Date of Birth: April 12, 1997
Age: 15
Spoken Languages: English, Japanese

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 4’11”

Look Description: Karisa Mathais is short and petite in typical Asian fashion. She spends a little time on her hair but not much.

Dressing Style:
Usually wears baggy clothing and dresses, though she is not a girly girl. Karisa is not adverse to wearing Muggle clothing because Karisa finds it comfortable but most of the time she wears some form of wizarding robes.


Character Description: Karisa is polite but Kind of shy, she tends to spend most of her time outside among nature if she is not reading. She loves making friends but rarely makes true friends, However when she does make true friends she tends to get into trouble with the adventures they go on. She loves animals and used to raise all sorts when she was at home.

Strengths: Smart, Problem solver, friendly, good with Creatures, Works hard.
Weaknesses:Quiet, Study-a-holic, adventurous , clumsy, unobservent

: Books, most people mythical creatures and animals.

Dislikes: people that think that they are better than others, loud people, pranks. Because Karisa is a quite person loud noises aren’t really her forte, they disturb people’s reading and usually scare away any creatures in the area.


Wand: 11” African Black wood with Unicorn hair.
Strength: Transfiguration
Weakness: Dark Magic

Family and History

Take Hideyoshi (Takagawa)Mathais
Mother: Hiroko Koari Ida-Mathais
Siblings: None
Pet: Eagle owl Named Hades. He has a bad attitude towards others and has been known to peck people or hide people’s things.

Background: Karisa is Japanese, she was born in New York because her father was living there at the time. He had left Japan to take up living in Wizarding New York even going as far to change his last name so people would not peruse him to the country. Her mother went to Wizarding New York as a liaison for the Japanese ministry and ended up marrying Take Karisa’s father. Karisa the spent most of her life being juggled between her parents in Washington state where they moved to and her Grandparents in Osaka.
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Ellorise Veneno

Ellorise Veneno

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PostSubject: APPROVED   9/2/2012, 8:49 pm

Ellorise Metuenda Veneno

Full Name: Ellorise Metuenda Veneno
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Nationality: Italian
Place of Birth: Parma, Italy
Date of Birth: November 31, 1989
Age: 22
Spoken Languages: Italian, English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’5”

Look Description: Ellorise is a petite girl who is slightly pale though she spends a lot of time out in the sun. She has long blonde hair that is usually wavy and free flowing.

Dressing Style: Though Ellorise is a pureblood she sometimes chooses to wear muggle clothing due to their loose and comfortable nature. However, Ellorise does enjoy wearing dresses and traditional wizarding robes.


Character Description: Ellorise is a usually quiet but contemplative and strong woman. She is good at accessing situations and usually others moods. She has a large range as far as sense of humor goes and enjoys conversations with others about books.

Strengths: Clever, Kind, Intelligent, Friendly, Gentle, Outgoing, Cheerful.

Weaknesses: Focused, Indecisive, Klutz, Unlucky, Soft-Hearted

Likes: Observing people and watching how they interact, reading books at her shop while waiting for customers. Enjoys watching professional Qudditch.

Dislikes: Obnoxious people, close-minded people, vandals.


Wand: 11 Inch African Black Wood with Veela Hair core (Given to her by her step-grandfather when he was on his deathbed.)

Strength: Dark Magic (though she does not often use it.)

Weakness: Healing Magic


School: L'Accademia di Magia di Andovietti


Position: Owner of “Ellory’s Enthralling Reads.”
Former positions: None

Family and History

Father: Marco Alessio Veneno (Deseased)

Mother: Marta Elloise Veneno (Deseased)

Siblings: None

Pet: Black Cat named Cheshire/ Chesh after her favorite Classic Alice In Wonderland.

Background: Ellorise was borna and grew up in Parma Italy in a warm home with her Grandparents and her parents. When Ellorise was four her grandfather passed away due to an Wizarding illness. When Ellorise was 5 her grandmother Estella married Philip Romana who was a baker. Ellorise was very close to her step-grandfather and they spend most of their time together, they were practically inseparable. When Ellorise turned 11 Philip had become ill and was on his deathbed. Being Veela he gave a strand of his hair to Ellorise for the core of her wand saying, “Il mio nipote: ecco un pezzo di me a tenere vicino al vostro cuore.” (My grandchild here is a piece of me to keep close to your heart.)
Ellorise took the hair and was made and African Black Wood wand with the Veela hair of her step-grandfather as the core. Soon after Philip’s death her grandmother Estella passed away when Ellorise turned 15. She was notified of this by owl while she was attending her fifth year at L'Accademia di Magia di Andovietti.
Ellorise’s parents Marta and Marco decided that it would be best to move away from mother Italy to a place that did not hold such bad memories, They were able to negotiate with the headmaster of L'Accademia di Magia di Andovietti so that Ellorise could continue to attend even though she was moving out of the country. It took a year and a half for the Veneno family to finally make their way from Italy to a small flat in muggle New York City.
However, their second week in the country their flat was broken into and both Marco and Marta were caught off guard and murdered. Ellorise returned home after a visit to a local bakery that made italian desserts like her step-grandfather had and found them murdered. Ellorise had flood the Aurors and they had done their investigation though Ellorise had struggled to explain what had happened due to her English not being very good. After a translator was called in Ellorise was given the ultimatum to stay in the U.S. or move back to Italy because she was now of legal age.
The Veneno family had lot’s of money in both Wizarding currency and Muggle money so she could support herself.
Ellorise spent most of her time after that at Luca’s bakery where the old man and his wife taught her English.
Once Ellorise graduated from L'Accademia di Magia di Andovietti she moved into a flat in Spellbook Alley in washington where she opened “Ellorise Enthralling Reads.” Underneath her flat.
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Cassiopeia De Bonaire

Cassiopeia De Bonaire

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PostSubject: Re: Admissions   9/2/2012, 10:29 pm

Cassiopeia De Bonaire

Full Name: Cassiopeia “Cass” De Bonaire
Blood Status: Mix Blood
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Austin, Nevada
Date of Birth: October 19, 1996
Age: 15
Spoken Languages: English


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’5

Look Description: Cass’s brown locks are always in waves for a reason unknown to anyone even herself. The brunette will always tell people that it is just a preference. Cass’s dark locks conflict with her pale complexion. The only thing that balances out the noticeable contrast is her piercing blue eyes.

Personality Cass is very bubbly. She hardly ever lets something bad get the best of her. When something goes wrong she turns it right. This brunette loves to put a smile on another’s face and will more often then not go out of her way to do so. She is a happy-go-lucky type of gal who never sees the down side of life. Cass is a very loyal person who will go through great lengths to make a stranger smile and even greater lengths to make a friend happy.

Character Description: This brunette lives a vicarious life style when it comes to school. School has a time and place, but it is not important. She has people to talk to, strangers to meet, and a life to live. School is always on the backburner in her mind. However, due to her strict parents, Cassiopeia’s grades remain at straight O’s. Though the brunette would prefer to be passing her classes with only A’s (this way to provide less time doing homework and more time socializing) her parents refuse to allow her to obtain anything below an E.


Cannot shut up
Procrastinates too much
Too trusting
Argumentative when angered
Too bubbly

Mountain terrain

Anything school related
Not being able to talk
Pens clicking


Wand: Willow, Demiguise Hair, 12 ½ inches
Strength: transfiguration, hexes, jinx, healing magic
Weakness: enchantments, offensive magic,

Family and History

Family: Charles De Bonaire
Anita De Bonaire

Pet: Owl named Cambridge

Background: Cass grew up surrounded by magic, but for the longest time her parents thought she was going to be a squib. This caused for serious concern and even the discussion of her removal from the family. Squibs were looked down upon in both her pureblooded father’s and her mix blooded mother’s side of the family so naturally Cass would be concerned a social and familial disgrace if she was unable to perform magic.

However she was in luck for on her eleventh birthday she received a letter from Crypted Haven. Her parents were positive that one of their friends were playing a rather cruel joke on them. So they called the school only to find out that their daughter was indeed accepted to the school. However, it wasn’t until many visits to St. Cathleen’s that her parents finally accepted that she could do magic. Even though they didn’t really grace the explanation that not all children of magical parents needed to experience magical outburst.

Cass was grateful to attend the school, she would no longer be an embarrassment her parents had to hid from their friends. She could meet new people, and she did so happily, and explore a new state. The brunette loved her school years so far. She has made friends with everyone she has met (or so she would like to believe) and if not, Cass is not aware of it.

Face claim: Lyndsy Fonseca

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Eric Stratton

Eric Stratton

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PostSubject: Eric Stratton   9/25/2012, 2:50 am

Eric Andrew Stratton

Full Name: Eric Andrew Stratton
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas
Date of Birth: Jan 18 1997
Spoken Languages: English


Eyes: Blue
Hair: ]Brown/Black
Height: 5’9”

Look Description: Slim and fit

Personality Quiet and likes to observe though when he is with his friends he is loud and obnoxious and loves to party.

Character Description:
Loves to dress in nice clothes is never late and loves to hang out with friends.



Likes: Friends , books and loud music

Dislikes: bossy people (though he is one himself)


Wand: 13” Mahogany phoenix feather core.

Strength: Dark
Weakness:defensive spells
Family and History

Mother :Amelia Jameston
Father: George Stratton

Pet: Barn owl named Arcamedies

Background: Moved to Washington at a young age and attended a muggle high school until this year.

Nickname: JO
Age: 19
Character Face claim: Tom Sturridge.

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Annabell Lila Jones

Annabell Lila Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Admissions   9/25/2012, 2:51 am

Full Name: Annabell Lila Jones
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: Russian
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Date of Birth: 12-26-97
Age: 15
Spoken Languages: Russian


Eyes: Blue
Hair : Blonde
Height: 5'6”

Look Description: Thin, timid, tends to keep to herself most of the time. Likes reading fantasy books and Myths.


Character Description: She has long dirty blonde hair that goes to her waist. She has plase skin put a bit of a reddish color in her cheeks. She's a normal hieght but normally she likes to hide in dark places to keep to herself.

Strengths: Dark magic, swift abilities.

Weaknesses: Being let down by people.

Likes: Fruits and reading.

Dislikes: Girly people.


Wand: Aspen with Dragon heart string 11”

Strength: Dark magic
Weakness: Working in a team
Family and History

Family: None

Pet: White barn owl.

Background: She was poor when her parents dropped her off in the streets when she was six. All her life she had dumpster dive for food until spmeone took her in. it wa then that she soon discovered that she was a Wizzard and recieved a letter from Hogwarts. She now lives in the school along with her owl.

Nickname: Anna
Age: 19
Character Face claim: Chloe Moretz
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David Callahan

David Callahan

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PostSubject: Approved   9/27/2012, 5:06 am

David Callahan

Full Name: David Viktorovich Callahan
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: Russian-American (Dual Citizanship)
Place of Birth: City, Country
Date of Birth: April 1, 1997
Age: 15
Spoken Languages: Russian, English,


Eyes: icy blue
Hair: Dark brown, long and shaggy
Height: 5’8”

Look Description: Unkept, laid-back, helplessly Handsome


Character Description: David is very pationate about what he loves, and everything elts he could care less about. He is no stranger to trouble. Or cold weather for that matter. He has a hard time with authority.

Strengths: Phisicaly strong, smart, nack for curses, great at finding hidden passageways,

Weaknesses: Afraid of heights, horrible at school, Women (of any age), gets motion sickness easily,

Likes: Woman, Vodka (any booze really), Piano, Gutair, Violin, singing

Dislikes: Sweet food or drinks, Men, Teachers, Adults (the ones he cant flirt with), Diluted Alcohol.


Wand: Blackthorn. Red Cap Blood. 9 ½”.

- jinxes
- hexes
- curses
- offensive magic
- dark magic
Weakness: charms
- transfiguration
- enchantments
- defensive magic
- light magic
- healing magic

Family and History

Family: Include family any family members.
Mother: Anatoly Viktorovich. Russian (muggle)
Father: Jonathan David Calahan. USA (wizard)
Jon was serving on a military reseve base for the USA in Russia. Met a girl, fell in love with the girl, but then he was deployed back to America and lost contact with Anatolly for 3 years. That was when he found out he had a son. Not ready to be a father, Jon stayed away from David.

David was a trubbled child and was never able to stay at a school longer than a year due to behavior issues. When he turnd 11 he was admitted into Durmstrang Institute and was inrolled there until his mother died of scarlett feaver in the middle of his fourth year. Having no other family, his father Jon who lived in Reno, Nevada reluctantly took him in and inrolled him in Crypted Haven For his fifth year of wizarding training.

Pet: an Old Barn Owl named scrappy.

Character Face claim: Ben Jelen
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Tris Fado

Tris Fado

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PostSubject: Re: Admissions   10/1/2012, 3:32 am

Beatrice Fado

Full Name: Beatrice (Tris) Fado
Blood Status: Squib
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Date of Birth: October 5th
Age: 19
Spoken Languages: English


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown with bright highlights that change color
Height: 5'5"

Look Description: Tris is quite average in physique, but had tattoos that cover her entire body. she sports a small nose ring in her left nostril. she prefers to wear tight fitting tees or white wife beaters with jeans and converse.


Character Description: Tris Is quit and laid back but doesn't take any crap from anyone. she prefers to live in the magical world because that's where she was raised. She is artistic.

Strengths: she is great in a fist fight, she is a good cook and bartender along with an excellent tattoo artist.

Weaknesses: shes not a very gentle person, she cant perform any magic, she had a slight cigarette addiction (but limits herself to 2 cigarettes a day), she often uses violence instead of words to express her feelings.

Likes: cooking, mixing drinks, talking to family, telling people about her tattoos.

Dislikes: When people pity her for being a squib.



Job History
Former Jobs: Tattoo artist at Grinn & Barrett
Current Jobs: Manager of Fado: Irish Pub
Job Qualifications: Her parents owned the shop, and she grew up working in it.

Family and History

Great-Grandma: Aurelia Johnson Fehy
Grandfather: Spencer Roy Fahy
Mother: Danielle Fahy Fado
Father: James Earnest Fado

Pet: none

Background: Tris Is an only child of a long line of powerful witches and wizards. after 3 years of Magic School it was confirmed she was a squib. she was then home schooled and got her GED at the age of 16. she then when to Ringling College in Florida and trained in the tattoo artist program. after she graduated from the program she found work close to home in Seattle, in a place called Grinn & Barrett. when she was 19 her parents decided to retire from their shop, and so Tris decided to take it over.

Age: 18
Character Face claim: Jen Beirola

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Jenna Ann Marcus

Jenna Ann Marcus

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PostSubject: Re: Admissions   10/1/2012, 12:29 pm

Jenna Marcus

Full Name: Jenna Ann Marcus
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, CA
Date of Birth: February, 25th, 1999
Age: 13
Spoken Languages: English


Eyes: Round, grey eyes.
Hair: Bright blonde, shoulder length, straight and fine.
Height: 5’6”

Look Description: Thin and a touch lanky. Pale, with a sweet face. She has a tendency to slouch, because she’s tall, and shy. Her cheeks are naturally slightly pink, but she blushes often and easily, making her pale face entirely pink.


Character Description: Jenna is a shy girl, with an awful stutter. She is fine, when she is with her parents, but once she is out of her home, words refuse to come from her mouth. She is, however very sweet, and is a loyal friend once you get to know her. She is also rather accident-prone due to her lack of ability to focus on what she’s doing. Jenna, when put under the right kind of pressure has the potential to be very strong and brave, but under most circumstances will give under pressure, falling silent, and blushing brightly. She loves magic, and being at Crypted Haven has given her a small, yet significant boost in her confidence. She is, however the bane of many teachers’ existence, constantly causing messes, or misfiring spells with her stuttering speech.

Strengths: –genlte

Weaknesses: –dependent
-pacifist (not sure if this should count as a weakness >.>)

Likes: - Her family
-any animal, especially magical creatures
-flying, as it’s the only time she doesn’t trip over her feet
-charms class (she also is interested in the healing magic they do in the hospital wing, if there is a class for that)

Dislikes:-cruelty to anyone
-anything that falls apart or comes falling down when you run into it
-people that made fun of her stutter in muggle school (or wizard school if there are any)
-magic that is by nature cruel, such as jinxes or hexes, and especially curses.


Wand: Seven inches, willow, unicorn hair. Smooth and subtle.

Strength: Healing magic, and non-verbal spells (Yes I know it’s not relevant for students)
Weakness: Jixes, Hexes, and Curses (though she also has trouble with spoken incantations in general)

Family and History

Family: Mother; Marie Ann Marcus/ Father; John Marcus

Pet: N/A

Background: Jenna Ann was born and raised in Santa Rosa, around the green, and trees, and life, and never once, for a second doubted the existence of magic in the world. She developed her stutter early on in kindergarten, and being picked on for it didn’t help at all. As her shyness, clumsiness, and stutter all got worse as she went through elementary school, in direct relation to the teasing she received for it.

As her timidity increased, she realized that when she'd try to hide, sometimes she'd end up in utterly impossible places, just by wishing it, or that those chasing her ended up getting stuck in equally impossible places. She was convinced that she had fairies or something of the sort on her side, oblivious to the fact that it was her own power, that is, until she received a letter informing her that she was invited to attend wizarding school. That was indeed a shock to her and her parents, but they were fully supportive.

Since she has attended school, she's found that it is difficult, especially with a stutter, but she adores broomstick flying, and all the magical creatures she had always suspected existed. Her clumsiness has a tendency to get her into more trouble in wizarding school than it did in muggle school, but she definitely is owning herself better, as time in school goes on.

Nickname: Randi
Age: 19. 20 in Nov
Character Face claim: Elle Fanning
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