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 Ancient Runes Lesson 2

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Gwen Britefyre


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PostSubject: Ancient Runes Lesson 2   10/11/2012, 3:01 am

The runes were in use among the Germanic peoples from the first or second century AD.[1] This period corresponds to the late Common Germanicstage linguistically, with a continuum of dialects not yet clearly separated into the three branches of later centuries; North Germanic, West Germanic, and East Germanic.
No distinction is made in surviving runic inscriptions between long and short vowels, although such a distinction was certainly present phonologically in the spoken languages of the time. Similarly, there are no signs for labiovelars in the Elder Futhark (such signs were introduced in both the Anglo-Saxonfuthorc and the Gothic alphabet as variants of p; see peorð.)
The name runes contrasts with Latin or Greek letters. It is attested on a sixth century Alamannic runestaff as runa, and possibly as runo on the fourth century Einang stone. The name is from a root run- (Gothic runa), meaning "secret" or "whisper". The root run- can also be found in the Baltic languagesmeaning "speech". In Lithuanian, runoti has two meanings: "to cut (with a knife)" or "to speak".[2] In the Finnish language, the word runot means "song".[3]

Attendance: please post one thing you remember from last class and one thing you hope to learn in a future class.

Runic magic

Charm words, such as auja, laþu, laukaR, and most commonly, alu,[15] appear on a number of Migration period Elder Futhark inscriptions as well as variants and abbreviations of them. Much speculation and study has been produced on the potential meaning of these inscriptions. Rhyming groups appear on some early bracteates that also may be magical in purpose, such as salusalu and luwatuwa. Further, an inscription on the Gummarp Runestone (500 to 700 AD) gives a cryptic inscription describing the use of three runic letters followed by the Elder Futhark f-rune written three times in succession.[16]

Homework: (due before next class)

1. What are the 4 most common Ancient Charm words?
2. What distinction is made in surviving runic inscriptions between long and short vowels?
send to me Via owl.
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Cassiopeia De Bonaire


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PostSubject: Re: Ancient Runes Lesson 2   10/16/2012, 5:48 pm

Cass walked into the class as her usual peppy self. She glanced at the board, noting that the lesson seemed fairly easy, yet still pretty interesting. She sat down at her usual spot and began to quickly jot down the lesson in as little words as possible.
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Ancient Runes Lesson 2
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