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 Third Year Charms, Lesson 1

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Ali Alcove

Ali Alcove

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PostSubject: Third Year Charms, Lesson 1   10/3/2012, 8:34 pm

Aliana sat with her legs propped up on her desk, looking around her class room. She would be seeing her old students. This made her happy and upset at the same time. Some of them had a real knack for charms and others had not even a drop of potential. But seeing the students needed to know these spells, she would have to focus extra hard on these untalented charm students every year. Professor Alcove looked at her board, double checking her spelling before the students arrived.

Remember to write down your spells on a piece of parchment and keep your wands put away until I say so! I know having a summer off causes you to forget my classroom mandates.

Today's Spell: Confundo (con-FUN-doh)

This is a spell that causes confusion. A person who is affected by this Charm is said to be Confunded.

3rd Year Homework:
What is the Pronunciation of the Spell?
What is the incantation of the spell?
What does this spell do?

The redhead deemed the words on the board as satisfactory and proceeded to use the remaining time of her solitude to relax.

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Jenna Ann Marcus

Jenna Ann Marcus

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PostSubject: Re: Third Year Charms, Lesson 1   10/9/2012, 1:04 am

Jenna walked into class tentatively. She knew that she was going to have trouble, as usual with Charms, because of the incantations. She loved the spells and was able to practice them on her own and do them successfully, but she couldn't manage them in class. The majority of her grades in school were made by homework and written tests. Anything that required coordination with her feet, or speaking near others was not something she could pull off easily.
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Third Year Charms, Lesson 1
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